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The roof terrace is an essential part of modern development. Terraces help to increase the available space for commercial use or alfresco living, which increases the value of the plot and the appeal to the end client.【Get Price】

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Our patio tiles and concrete tiles can be used on balconies, patios and decks, roof terraces and flat roof gardens. Pick from a range of textures and colours to suit your aesthetic needs and make your surface a durable and weatherproof one. We have expertly manufactured, easy to install【Get Price】

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Roof Terrace design All of our modular flooring systems are idea for roof terrace applications; our Levato paver system enables the creation of large roof terrace flooring areas which are completely level, regardless of the falls/gradient of the waterproofing system beneath.【Get Price】

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Welcome to The Deck Tile Co. DTC specialize in exterior flooring solutions for balconies, roof terraces, patios, walkways and swimming pool areas. Our products are designed for fast cost effective installation over most surfaces; including single ply waterproof membranes, roofing felt and other delicate waterproofing systems.【Get Price】

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Balcony Terrace Flooring: Design Compliance This CPD is, in essence, a comprehensive guide to selecting flooring and substructure for balconies and terraces. Understand the history of balcony and roof terrace flooring systems and learn how to achieve any design while giving due diligence to legislation and potential design hurdles.【Get Price】

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A modern alternative to flooring materials is rubber granules. This option for terrace flooring is easy to install and the elastic material provides a pleasant soft padding. The rubber granules also provide good insulation against heat and cold and are also a form of noise reduction, which makes this material a viable contender.【Get Price】

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Until now, the options for Rooftop Terrace Flooring have been slim and generally concrete. Let’s suppose you want to cover up your existing concrete pavers or another unsightly hard deck surface. Built and designed for these applications, Our Premium Interlocking Deck Tiles provide different material options and styles.【Get Price】

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Many balcony areas and terraces are created above living spaces, whether on a flat roof above an extension or living space, kitchen or bedroom or on the top floor of an apartment complex. Great attention needs to be given to sealing the balcony surface and waterproofing it. An essential part of the building works【Get Price】

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For a terrace I would recommend using a liquid roofing system called Rapid One, the reason I would recommend this over other liquid roofs is beacause it is hard wearing but above all flexible, which helps to prevent cracking over time from surface movement, I would finish it with a decking.【Get Price】

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Balcony Flooring Walkways Polyroof’s Protec and Polyroof 185 liquid applied roofing systems are available with tough impact resistant finishes suitable for all balcony flooring and walkway applications. They can be used for new build or refurbishment projects and are easily cleaned and maintenance-free.【Get Price】

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Flooring is what protects your patio during climatic changes and gives it an overall finish. While choosing the material for your terrace flooring, it is necessary to take various features like resistance, durability and cost into consideration. To give you an idea of the best choices available here is a list of 11 flooring materials.【Get Price】

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The Levato Mono paver system creates stunning, functional and easily maintained Roof Terrace floors. From a 500m² dining area at London Zoo, to the Portico Terrace at the Theatre Royal Drury lane, the Levato System has been the first choice for Architects and Designers requiring the highest quality and most technically advanced paving system.【Get Price】

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roof terrace flooring A roof terrace should be a pleasure and with our wide range of composite decking boards, there is a decking solution for every taste. In addition to long-lasting beauty, our decking is very easy to install and can also supply you the needed substructure that fits together easily, a little like Lego.【Get Price】

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Balconies and terraces Creating recreational spaces for people to enjoy requires a bespoke approach so that the solution meets the needs envisaged and supports the level of access needed. Decking and paved【Get Price】

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My Girlfriends flat has an outside area, this had felt and promenade tiles on it to allow it to be used as a roof terrace, but last year it had to be relaid due to leaks, it looked like it had been on for decades. The neighbour down stairs organised it. and I helped. him, rip it up, lay new OSB boards, and then had it proffesionally felted. The.【Get Price】

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