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Reclaimed hardwood is an eco-friendly flooring option by definition—because it’s essentially a recycled product! Think of the huge environmental impact involved in harvesting trees and turning them into flooring. Reclaimed hardwood avoids this process and lowers the environmental footprint of your floors as a result.【Get Price】

The best eco-friendly floor options for your home

Other natural materials to look for when buying carpet or rugs is cotton, jute, and sisal. Polyester (P.E.T.) Berber carpet is another sustainable option that is made from recycled plastic bottles...【Get Price】

Changing your floors: eco friendly materials to consider.

Laminate Laminate is one of the most popular flooring materials as it has tremendous powers of mimicry. Laminate flooring is made up of four separate layers with the main component being a HDF core (high-density wood fibre).【Get Price】

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Sustainable ("green" or "eco-friendly") floors utilize sustainable and/or recycled materials. Floors can also be considered eco-friendly based on the disposal of the materials upon replacement. Poured-in-place, seamless floors are part of the building’s structure, unlike many other products.【Get Price】

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Linoleum is an eco-friendly alternative to vinyl (PVC) made from vegetable linseed and natural resin spread onto hessian or jute fabric and treated with water-based acrylic ‘dispersion’ paint. Linoneum (or Marmoleum) is made from natural materials and is resistant to fats and oils, sound-absorbent, anti-static, light resistant, and has very low flammability and a natural anti-bacterial effect.【Get Price】

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60% to 70% of the homes in the U.S. contain carpeting made from nylon, polyester, or vinyl—materials dependent on non-renewable fossil fuels. So when upgrading your flooring or finishing new.【Get Price】

The Best Eco-Friendly Flooring Options

Made from 97% materials, 72% of which are rapidly renewable and 43% of which are recycled content. Marmoleum is also 100% biodegradable, made in UK factories powered by 100% renewable electricity, and contains zero phalates, plasticisers or mineral oils.【Get Price】

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Concrete is a natural material that can be recycled, making it an appropriate choice for eco-friendly homes. Pre-cast concrete is eco-friendlier than concrete poured on site. It is poured into pre-made molds over rebar or wire, then cured. Once the concrete has hardened, it can be shipped and placed into multiple structures. As a result, precast concrete achieves economies of scale that.【Get Price】

5 Sustainable and Eco-friendly Flooring Options

Linoleum is made of various natural materials, such as linseed oil, limestone powder and wood and cork flours. It is biodegradable and anti-bacterial that qualifies easily as one of the more eco-friendly flooring options. Other highlights of linoleum are – durable, water resistant and easy to maintain.【Get Price】

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Eco-Friendly Rubber Floors. Rubber in general is considered a low environmental impact building material – however, if you’re particularly keen on an eco-friendly rubber floor, be careful about the type of rubber you choose. Some companies supply rubber which is synthetic and made from the by-products of crude oils and these should be.【Get Price】

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