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Use your spray chalk to mark off the boundaries for your new outdoor rubber floor. Check the installation area for any large stones and pieces of wood debris. Remove the stones and debris from the area. Use your lawn mower to even out any grass in that area of your yard.【Get Price】


Each tile has 3 holes on each side. To install with the Outdoor tiles Dowel Pins start by inserting the pins into the holes on opposite sides of each tile. Lay the tiles following your specific project lay lines and connect the tiles by pushing the tiles together. To close the gap use a rubber mallet to “bang” the tiles【Get Price】


Store tiles in a dry and clean area. Temperature and humidity changes will cause the rubber to expand or contract. Installation after short term storage: At least 24 hours before starting the installation lay out all tiles on the sub-surface to allow them to acclimate. A tile laid in the morning【Get Price】

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Remove the second tile in the line and replace the first, ensuring the tile makes good contact with the adhesive. At this point it is a good idea to smear a little adhesive along the adjoining edge of each tile, so the tiles not only stuck to the base but to each other for extra strength. Take care not to allow adhesive onto the face of the tile, as this will look unsightly and is difficult to.【Get Price】


SECTION FIVE - INSTALLATION OF RUBBER PAVERS Layout Brava Outdoor suggests that pavers be loose laid on the prepared surface prior to installing. Brava Outdoor pavers may have minor color variation from paver to paver. This is a normal trait of products manufactured from recycled rubber. This color variation in no way affects the quality of the.【Get Price】

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Installing The Rubber Tiles Once John had received his tiles he could begin installing them immediately. Knowing that he needed to secure them to the existing ground, he had already been and purchased some rubber adhesive from a local hardware store.【Get Price】

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