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The Pros and Cons of the 9 Best Decking Materials - What to.

Pressure-Treated Wood Pros: This is by far the most popular option even now, being used on almost 75 percent of all new decks. Since the wood has been chemically treated to withstand rot, mold, and...【Get Price】

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Pressure-Treated Softwood Boards Traditional, low-cost decking wood which has been pressure-treated for durability. They are the most popular type of decking boards with consumers. While they are comparatively easy to install, boards require regular maintenance.【Get Price】

Our Guide to Choosing the Best Wood for Your Decking.

Hence, decks made out of this type of timber require less maintenance compared to PT wood and hardwood, in turn meaning less long-term costs. Downsides: Heat tends to denature plant proteins. Thus, thermally-modified wood is less durable than hardwood. If you’re looking for a timber supplier in your area, Timber 2 U Direct is your best option.【Get Price】

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Untreated hardwood decking is the holy grail of decking materials and what most other decking tries to imitate. Completely natural and long lasting, it has the feel, look, and even sound that everyone hopes for when installing wooden decking. We typically use UK-grown oak and sweet chestnut which are both durable timbers, meaning they have an outdoor life expectancy of 15-25 years without.【Get Price】

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