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The components that hold the fence in place are equally important as the quality of the fence and whether it's a sustainable eco fence. The nails and screws used to fix the timber fence and gate boards and attach the capping rails or gravel boards should last at least as long as the timber used for the fence or gate.【Get Price】

Sustainable Fencing: 5 Eco-Friendly Fences for Your Home.

Sustainable Fencing: 5 Eco-Friendly Fences for Your Home If you’re looking to make your home more “green”, you may have to look no further than its perimeter. There are countless sustainable fencing options for homeowners that want more privacy and security for their home .【Get Price】

Escape from Prying Eyes With Eco-friendly Privacy Fence Ideas.

One of the eco-friendly and inexpensive privacy fence ideas that many homeowners overlook is hedges. Hedges as privacy fencing is not a new concept. A hedge is actually a row of plants that grow to a certain height and they afford you excellent privacy. Some common hedges that are used for privacy fencing are boxwood, yew and privet.【Get Price】

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A living fence is made out of privacy trees and shrubs is beautiful, helps filter CO2 out of the atmosphere while contributing oxygen, and ups your yard’s landscaping game. Among the plants that can be used for your privacy hedge are: privet, juniper/cedar trees, and easily prune-able yew.【Get Price】

8 Amazing Eco-Friendly Fencing Options

AltruWood’s AltruCedar eco-friendly fences are made from premium 100% FSC-Certified Western Red cedar. A Northwest gem, this cedar type is prized for its rich, warm colors and its ability to withstand years of outdoor exposure. The craftsmanship of this fence is truly remarkable — and made entirely from sustainably-sourced wood nonetheless.【Get Price】

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