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In colder climates, you cannot build a "floating" deck, but must build it on anchor posts that are cemented deep enough in the ground to avoid any ground upheaval (surface swelling and adjusting that occurs as the ground goes through freeze and thaw cycles over time).【Get Price】

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However, a floating deck is an elegant and simpler alternative to a traditional deck that is attached to a home. Not only are floating decks easier to build, but they can be placed anywhere in a yard and offer a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. By following these simple steps, you can build a floating deck that is sure to add enjoyment to your outdoor living for years to come.【Get Price】

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Floating deck plans Continue the project by installing the decking boards. Therefore, align the 2×4 boards at both ends, drill several pilot holes and insert the decking screws. Make sure you leave at least 1/2” from the edges of the boards, to prevent wood from splitting.【Get Price】

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Assemble batter boards from furring strips and landscape stakes. Drive them into the ground — two at each corner — just outside of the deck layout. Tie mason line between opposing batter boards, making sure the lines are tight. The intersections of the batter boards mark the corners of the deck frame.【Get Price】

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While you can build one on concrete pavers or over an existing level patio, perhaps the soundest way to support a floating deck is with pre-made concrete deck blocks that have notched tops designed...【Get Price】

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About your question, it is possible to build a deck without joining it to the house and it is known as a "free standing deck". As long as you use pressure treated lumber you do not have to worry about rotting wood. A "floating deck" is not attached to the house and you can move it anywhere on your yard. However you could build a "free standing deck" next to your house but it will be a.【Get Price】

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