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Acclimated laminate flooring is when the wood has been left for a reasonable amount of time in the conditions that it will eventually be accustomed to when laid, thus reducing the possibility of extensive expanding or contracting beyond what would normally be expected by conditions dictated in a single room.【Get Price】

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To acclimate your wood floors, they should be stored in a climate-controlled environment indoors whenever possible. If you cannot store the flooring inside your home, leave them in their original boxes and place them in a shed or garage. Stack the boxes diagonally and leave one end of each box open so the wood can “breathe.”【Get Price】

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Acclimating new wood flooring is important for all kinds of wood, including laminate. Acclimating allows the individual planks to adjust to the temperature and humidity levels found in the room they will be installed in.【Get Price】

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Once your laminate flooring arrives, you should research the manufacturer’s specific instructions regarding acclimation. Generally, you should place laminate planks in the specific room where they will be installed for at least 48 hours before installing. Some manufacturers may even recommend a week-long acclimation period.【Get Price】

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Ensuring that the site is now within the advised parameters, most manufacturers consider a period of 24-72 hrs suitable to acclimate laminate flooring. This means leaving the laminate flooring packs in the room in which they are going to be laid. Please use this as a guideline and follow the manufacturers specifics on the floor you have purchased.【Get Price】

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Why do you need to acclimate laminate flooring when it isn’t a hard wood product? Like hardwood, laminate is made from materials that can change in different climate situations. If you take laminate from a warm, dry warehouse and install it in a cool, moist basement, there is a chance the humidity will cause the laminate to expand.【Get Price】

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While Swiss Krono laminate flooring is engineered to provide long-term performance even in somewhat challenging installations, please note the following acclimation specifications: The temperature should be between 64 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature of the floor should be no less than 59 degrees Fahrenheit.【Get Price】

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