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Philippine roofing contractors mostly use corrugated galvanized steel or zinc-aluminum roof panels. Metal shingles are available, which create a tiled look. They can be prepainted. The maintenance of a steel roof is frequent if your house is very near the sea.【Get Price】

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Hip Roofs – Quatro Aguas The second roofing line is called Hip Roofs which Filipinos refers to as “Quatro Aguas”. From the Spanish word quarto which means four, its design to have four sloping sides. Some complex designs may contain several hips and can also blend to a gable style to provide a different look.【Get Price】

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Roofing systems have become very standardized in the Philippines. What we describe here is the roof system that goes on most houses except the very high end such as real clay tile or cement tile, a few asphalt shingle roofs and the Nipa or sheet steel roofs of the ordinary “bahay” – native house.【Get Price】

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["772.12"] Small Modern Philippines House | Home Design | Modern Roof Design In The Philippines Modern Roof Design In The Philippines MANILA, PHILIPPINES -– Advised to bout the growing automotive bazaar in the country, the new-generation Vitara encapsulates the Suzuki SUV bequest while capturing avant-garde architecture trends to ambition the millennial market.【Get Price】

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The overhang: The larger the overhang, the more upward lift will be created on the roof. Of course, it is common in the Philippines to build the overhangs larger so to keep the sun off the concrete walls. This is a compromise you will have to think about – the larger the overhang, the more pressure your roof will have to withstand.【Get Price】

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Our roof design seeks to capture a bit of the design aesthetic of the classic Philippine native house – the “bahay kubo”. Here’s a little about the architectural design of our roof. Our roof design goes against the trend. Increasingly elaborate roof designs are very popular, especially for houses that are or aspire to be “upscale”.【Get Price】

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The traditional homes commonly are engineered with high pitched roofs. Whereas the modern homes of today are monopolized with either flat, angled or low pitch roofs in hip or gable types. Notably, the present day architecture introduces different designs of complicated and combinations of roof styles.【Get Price】

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