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Granular ingredients such as whole grain flour, sugar, salt and spices can serve as abrasives on the floor surface under foot and cart traffic. Dishes, pans, knives and other kitchen equipment can be dropped onto the floor. Harsh detergents, solvents and de-greasers may be “scrubbed in” during daily cleaning.【Get Price】

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Your restaurant kitchen flooring will not crack and peel apart like epoxy floor paints or quartz broadcast floors often do, because our floors aren’t as hard and brittle as many epoxy options.【Get Price】

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Quarry Stone Tiles For Restaurant Kitchen Flooring Quarry tile is the most common for commercial kitchen environments. These tiles are water and stain resistant with very high durability which make them an excellent for restaurant kitchen flooring.【Get Price】

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A. Altro is the premium flooring choice for demanding commercial kitchen environments. Our unique patented construction of flexible, high-grade, resilient vinyl with slip-resistant grains throughout ensures a durable, long-wearing, safe surface that remain safe even exposed to water and grease.【Get Price】

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Rubber has been predominantly used as kitchen flooring, but it can be a great choice for all of the areas of a restaurant. It is resistant to stains and water and extremely durable. It’s also slip-resistant and absorbs sound. The softness of rubber flooring reduces the risk that dropped dishes will sustain damage.【Get Price】

Commercial Kitchen Flooring Options

Tile is one of the most common types of commercial kitchen flooring. It is a highly durable, stain-resistant, easy-to-clean flooring material that can be very cost-competitive. Made from clay and sediments fired at high temperatures in an industrial kiln, tiles are very hard and impact-resistant.【Get Price】

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Cleanliness and safety is paramount for restaurant staff and patrons. Florock’s epoxy flooring solutions and commercial kitchen floor coatings are USDA compliant and are easy-to-maintain. They are also antimicrobial and can withstand industrial strength cleaners required in high-volume kitchens and prep aeras.【Get Price】

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