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Wood Plastic Composite Opportunities, Advantages Market Review

Wood and plywood are not resistant to water and often fail when in contact. On the other hand, wood-plastic composites are resistant to water, making them a lot more desirable, especially for use in potentially wet areas like bathrooms and cleaning rooms. B.) Wide Range of Applications:【Get Price】

What are the uses and benefits of Wood Plastic Composite.

The main advantages of using Wood Plastic Composite are: The material is very easy to maintain and clean. The material is resistant to ultra violet light and its colour does not fade easily. WPC Board is highly durable and is not affected by rain, snow or peak summer conditions.【Get Price】

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wood-Plastic Composite.

Another advantage of wood-plastic decking is that it is easy to maintain. Maintaining your wood-plastic decking is crucial to its survival. If you don’t take care of the composite boards, they will degrade quickly but not as fast as timber decking. With good maintenance, wood-plastic decking will last for about 25 years.【Get Price】

Advantages and Market Overview of Wood Plastic Composites

The ratio of wood to plastic in the wood plastic composite is critical because it determines its performance when it undergoes production. The melt flow index (MFI) of the resultant product depends on the percentage of wood in the Wood Plastic Composite. The percentage of wood in the final product is inversely proportional to the melt flow index.【Get Price】

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Another advantage of wood plastic composite is that you can maintain it easily. This advantage is a result of the good physical properties of WPC decking. Since WPC decking doesn’t absorb moisture, it does not need sealing with a sealer.【Get Price】

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