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Faux Wood Composite Blinds. When traditional wood blinds aren’t right for your project, SWFcontract Faux Wood, Semi-Custom Faux Wood or Composite Blinds offer a comparable alternative with lasting durability. These wood blind alternatives provide the classic look of wood blinds with superior performance at a greater value.【Get Price】

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Composite wood blinds are similar to faux wood blinds. Both look just like the real thing, but their fabrications are different. Composite blinds are made from a blend of wood pulp and polymer, while faux wood blinds don't contain any wood. Composite wood window blinds are also slightly heavier than either real or faux wood blinds. This means that, instead of moving the entire blind up and.【Get Price】

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Previously called Wood Images Composite, 2" Composite Blinds use a mixture of PVC and polymer to simulate the look of real wood.【Get Price】

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In essence, composite blinds are “wonder” blinds that can do it all. Constructed to look like real wood blinds, composite blinds from Budget Blinds are a budget-friendly, light-weight alternative to the real thing. Available in smooth or textured finishes that complement a variety of new or existing decorating styles.【Get Price】

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Our inspirational faux wood venetian blind collection offers a composite flame retardant range of over 25 wood colours, 4 different slat sizes and accessories. The extensive collection offers unprecedented choice in luxury wood venetians. It allows you to create a look, truly unique to the interior style you desire.【Get Price】

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Graber Composite Blinds add aesthetic beauty to any space. Made from recycled materials or byproducts like sawdust, wood chips, and recycled woods, these blinds are eco-friendly and nature-friendly. While not truly wood, they give you the artistic look and feel of real wood. Composite Blinds are affordable, and are easy to use and clean.【Get Price】

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The warmth of real wood delivered to rooms that require a humidity-resistant solution. These easy-to-clean blinds are engineered to prevent warping, fading, cracking, and peeling—ideal for kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, or any other high-humidity area. Choosing Between Composite and Faux Wood Blinds Faux wood blinds come with either solid color slats or with patterns that closely mimic.【Get Price】

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Faux Wood and Composite Blinds – Enduring performance Lake Forest® Faux Wood blinds and Traditions® Composite blinds are built to withstand everyday family living and high-humidity areas of the home. Faux Wood and Composite blinds are also more affordable than real hardwood blinds, yet they offer the same natural appeal. Choose from an assortment of popular stains and paints to suit any.【Get Price】

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When considering which type of blind is going to be suitable you need to consider the type of door your are fitting the blind onto. Wooden doors can be screwed into no problem at all whereas UPVC or composite doors can be damaged in most instances lose their warranties by screwing into them. Blind types for wooden doors:【Get Price】

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Premium Composite Faux Wood Blinds (Embossed Wood Grain) Waterproof, Wipe-able Fire Retardant; Great for Kitchens, Bathrooms Wet Environments; BBSA Certified Child Safe (BS EN 13120:2009 A1:2014) Available in 35mm or 50mm Slats (no price difference).【Get Price】

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Composite Wood Blinds Composite blinds look nearly identical to wood blinds but are created by combining engineered thermal polymers and real hardwood to form highly durable slats. Durable: Composite blinds are more flexible when bent and can better withstand small children and pets. Composite blinds offer the closest wood-like grains and stains.【Get Price】

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Graber Traditions® Composite and Lake Forest® Faux Wood Blinds The warmth of real wood delivered to rooms that require a humidity-resistant solution. These easy-to-clean blinds are engineered to prevent warping, fading, cracking, and peeling—ideal for kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, or any other high-humidity area.【Get Price】

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Faux wood blinds are available in both PVC Vinyl and composite wood and in three sizes of slat: 35mm, 38mm 50mm. They offer a fantastic cost-effective choice and can easily be matched to real wood alternatives- for example, real wood in a bedroom window but faux-wood in an adjoining high-humidity en-suite bathroom. They are also particularly useful in kitchens where both increased humidity.【Get Price】

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Faux wood blinds are imitation or artificial wood blinds. They look like the real thing, but are actually made of composite wood or a vinyl material. Although faux wood may sound like you are getting an imitation or inferior product, in reality faux blinds can be very high quality. The decision on which to buy stems more from price and room requirements. Faux wood such as the Everwoods.【Get Price】

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Rich Aesthetics: The composite blinds offer the unique style and the integrity to any room of the house. They offer a rich aesthetic appearance than the faux wood blinds.【Get Price】

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