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Environmentally friendly decking vs. softwood or hardwood

Whether Environmentally friendly decking, softwood or hardwood, the range is varied, so whatever your requirements, there is decking to suit【Get Price】

The Importance Of Evaluating The Most Eco-Friendly Decking.

Composite Decks Composite decking materials are a hybrid material made of a combination of plastics and wood fiber. They are more resilient to environmental stressors than traditional wooden decks. However, not all composite decks are made equally, especially as far as the environment is concerned.【Get Price】

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This is why we specialise in environmentally-friendly decking that does not harm any trees. In fact, no trees at all are cut down to make our recycled, eco decking products. ’s eco-friendly decking offers the perfect balance of quality and sustainability.【Get Price】

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Salvaged wood decking makes use of a material that would otherwise go to waste. However working with salvage can present challenges. If you can’t pick pieces yourself, you may get boards that are partially rotted or discolored. And because salvaged wood isn’t likely to be uniform, installation can be more difficult. The best way to source salvaged lumber is to search online or to find.【Get Price】

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Local.The further your decking material has to be shipped, the greater the cost to the environment. In many cases, locally produced materials will outweigh most negatives.【Get Price】

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