1x6 tongue and groove end and match boards for sale

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Our Kiln Dried 1X6 Spruce Tongue and Groove paneling is ready for installation once received on your jobsite. However, wood will shrink and swell with any changes in moisture content and weather. According to WWPA, to minimize dimensional change after installation, install tongue and groove at a moisture content that matches with local climate as closely as possible. If climate in a particular.【Get Price】

Pine Tongue Groove 1x6 End Matched, Carsiding, Shiplap, 46.

FOR SALE:1" x 6" End Matched Ponderosa Pine T&G 46¢ per linear footEach 1"x6" unit has 128 boardsFull units are tarped and banded and we will load them into open trucks or trailers. 8 and 10 foot lengths availableT&G is end matched and fits together smoothly.Requires NO sanding, it is very smooth and ready to finish and/or install.This is NOT a low/cabin grade T&G -- Very nice and easy to work with!【Get Price】

Why End-Matched | The Tongue and Groove Store

Typically, our tongue and groove planks will come end-matched. End-matched means that the ends of the board are machined as well as the lineal profile of the board. One end of the board has a tongue and one end has a groove. When the planks are pieced together, they lock in on all four sides. Not only does this pattern have visual appeal, it has some other tangible benefits as well.【Get Price】

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For those readers that are not familar with the term "end matched", this is a process in which one end of a board has a tongue machined in it and the other end has a groove machined in it. When butted together it makes a very tight joint and eliminates the need to end on a stud or rafter. This process will save time for the installer and is less wasteful, thus saving about 5-10% on the.【Get Price】

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Paneling is a smooth wood product that has beveled edges on all four sides. Tongue and groove is a style of joining two wood panels together. One side of the wood paneling has a projection called a “tongue” and the other side has a open slit called a “groove.”【Get Price】

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