how do i put wood decking around inground pool

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Ledger Boards Against the Pool Frame In some cases, you may want the deck to attach to the pool frame. In these cases, a ledger board can be installed around the perimeter of the pool, level with the pools edge. Check with manufacturer before pursuing this route to ensure that your pool can bear the added weight.【Get Price】

Where the Deck meets the Pool Edge

If you build the deck surface over the edge of the above above ground pool a couple of challenges arise. First you have to either have the entire deck framing structure rise above and over edge of the pool which means the top of the decking will be at least 8 or 9 inches above the top of pool coping. Then the water level would be a few inches.【Get Price】

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Wood decks are rarely practical for in-ground pools because they don’t stand up well to constant exposure to harsh pool chemicals and moisture. If you prefer the look of wood, you can stamp and color concrete to look identical to wood planking, plus the surface will last longer, be easier to maintain, and be less vulnerable to deterioration from exposure to harsh pool chemicals. (See【Get Price】

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If you want an in-ground pool, you need to make sure your yard is big enough. To figure the size of a pool plus its deck, add 8 feet each to a pool's width and its length. For example, if your pool will be 18 feet wide by 40 feet long you'll need a yard at least 26 feet wide by 48 feet long.【Get Price】

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Available in a number of colors, the deck treatment complements any landscaping around the pool. Typically the finished Kool Deck coating is no more than 1/8-inch thick. If you have experience working with concrete, you can install this product as a do-it-yourself project. Kool Deck installation takes place as soon as you work the swimming pool's new concrete deck into a broom-roughened finish.【Get Price】

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PT wood deck for pool. May 2021 . Pressure-treated wood deck (stained) adjoining pool - designed and built by Atlanta Decking Fence. Article by Atlanta Decking Fence. 145. Inground Pool Designs Backyard Pool Designs Swimming Pool Designs Backyard Pati.【Get Price】

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Some of our deck ideas for inground pools utilize elevated decks and porches to build a layered theme, while others employ gorgeous hardscapes to match the pool itself. Like with any other outdoor living design, our inground pool decking ideas express the homeowner’s personality while creating a space that the family can use for decades to come. Learn about the Keystone design philosophy and.【Get Price】

Wood Deck Small Inground Pool - Concrete Epoxy DIY.

Deck construction information :- Post 4x4- Joist 2x8- Deck plank 2x6- Deck dimension 20'x15' (including pool)- Fence height 5'-6''- Fence post T form with tw...【Get Price】

Deck Or Patio Drainage For Your Inground Swimming Pool

Deck Or Patio Drainage For Your Inground Swimming Pool The swimming pool in your backyard is always that dream you have that one day will happen. Sitting by the pool sipping on cocktails, getting up to do laps at 6AM like the most organized and pulled together person ever and taking Instagram photos of you in the pool, by the pool and floating on the pool.【Get Price】

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Fit the plank and then trim it to fit the space. If the inground pool is shaped like a kidney, then you will need to trim each plank to meet the curvature of the pool. Continue in this manner until the wood is placed around the inground pool and is flush against the home (if that is your goal). Step 3 – Finishing【Get Price】

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