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While polycarbonate roofing may not be the best option for an entire house; it is ideal for other structures such as decks, garages, patios, sheds, and conservatories. Polycarbonate is also frequently used for pool covers, or for roofing on industrial warehouses. Being virtually unbreakable with 250 times the impact strength of float glass and 30 times that of acrylic, polycarbonate panels are.【Get Price】

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The colour range is clear, bronze opal, bronze-opal, and heatguard-opal. Heatguard-opal is designed to control the heat build-up in conservatories and is effective in reducing the impact of the suns’ energy by 50%. We are also able to offer solar inserts as a factory fit option fitted to the polycarbonate sheets.【Get Price】

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We can supply polycarbonate coloured roofing sheets for fitting to your own structure or even sheets for other applications. As a large importer of coloured twin wall polycarbonate sheet stock, we can offer good rates on polycarbonate sheet colours including green, blue, yellow, red – in fact, polycarbonate in 20 different colours.【Get Price】

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Hi, I have to replace several sheets of polycarbonate roofing that was damaged by hail and I am having a hard time choosing a colour. The current (damaged) sheets are clear and have not really worn all that well. They have started to yellow and are quite cloudy (for want of a better description). I have a zincalume roof and would prefer something that matched that little better. I still want a.【Get Price】

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In regards to polycarbonate plastic roof panels, we offer several different thickness levels to both reinforce the roof and enhance insulation levels in the area below. As well as flat roof panels, we also have clear corrugated roof sheets in polycarbonate for optimum light transmission and visibility. These profiled roofing sheets are perfect.【Get Price】

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Polycarbonate roofing sheets offer are a perfect roofing solution for conservatories, carports, greenhouses and more. Polycarbonate roofing sheets are lightweight and durable, and suitable for pitches as low as 10 degrees. Order polycarbonate roof panels now for quick delivery across the UK and to make huge savings.【Get Price】

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A versatile and easy to install lightweight roofing sheet, UV-protected and highly impact resistant and comes with a 10 year guarantee. Read more Wickes 16mm Triplewall Polycarbonate Sheet - 900 x【Get Price】

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