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Wood / SF – Depending on your series and overall product assembly, the more wood per SF, the higher the cost of a wood ceiling. Species – Solid hardwoods are expensive, followed by a hardwood veneer or solid softwood. Veneers and softwoods can be in the same ballpark, depending on the product.【Get Price】

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Cost To Add Wood Plank to Ceiling · Tuesday, December 20 th , 2011 · 4 Comments. Submitted by: momma2six – North Port, FL USA. How much should I expect to pay a handyman to install 1900 linear feet of wood plank ceiling on an outdoor pavillion. Just t.【Get Price】

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Here is a general comparison (without tax and material delivery fees) between installing wood or drywall, based on 1,000 square feet of ceiling. Of course, this would vary depending on local material and labour costs, as well as ceiling height and complexity - so if you think my math is off, remember it’s a ballpark estimate.【Get Price】

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Installing new wood ceiling with rafters exposed, Fine,- ,,I would like to install a wood ceiling with open rafters and tongue and,Material cost will be at least $3.00 a square foot and labor will be high due to,Also, I'm not sure what the best way to attach the T G planks would be.【Get Price】

cost to install plank wood ceiling

Popcorn Ceiling To Plank Ceiling | The Lettered Cottage 1 Jun 2012 The next step is to replicate the blue-painted wood ceiling in the there and install 165 square feet of Sea Salt-painted wood planks on the center part of the ceiling. (It only cost $155 to do our entire office/guest bedroom!).【Get Price】

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Cost. We have already talked about the various costs that should be expected when installing a tongue and groove ceiling so you must be aware of these when you are dealing with the contractor. Be careful of the person who will try to overcharge you because you live in an expensive area or you look wealthy. If you are in any doubt as to the cost.【Get Price】

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Install a Wood-Plank Ceiling. Construction How-To, Projects, Remodeling March 16, 2017 Sonia. What to Consider when Hanging Wood Planks Overhead By Matt Weber. A wood plank ceiling offers the same classic décor as a wood plank floor, so why not hang one.【Get Price】

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