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Top 5 Brands for Solid Hardwood Flooring

With the number of solid hardwood flooring brands slowly dwindling due to the dominance of engineered wood flooring, it gets easier to identify the winners and the losers. It's no longer good enough to put out plain old solid hardwood; now, the field is atomizing into various niches that appeal to buyers' specific needs. With that in mind, here are the top brands of solid hardwood in no.【Get Price】

Best Engineered Wood Flooring – 2021 Top Brands Reviewed

Today all engineered hardwood brands manufacturers use this same method – but Anderson were the first, and are still very highly regarded as one of the best. Anderson Tuftex currently offers 32 designs of engineered hardwood flooring, with several of the options available in more than one color.【Get Price】

The 12 Best Hardwood Floor Brands: Real Info Reviews.

And like Hearne Hardwoods, K.D. Woods’ rave reviews show that the best hardwood floor brands aren’t limited to big companies. #8: Mercier Wood Flooring. This Canadian company isn’t as well-known as some of the others listed here. But it made this list because of the impressive selection they offer.【Get Price】

Best Hardwood Floors – 2021 Wood Flooring Reviews

Best Hardwood Floors – 2021 Wood Flooring Reviews There’s a reason solid hardwood flooring has stood the test of time and continues to be a favorite flooring option despite the ever-changing demands of interior décor trends: hardwood is durable, widely available, budget-friendly and – with the right finish – can be easily adapted to suit any style.【Get Price】

5 Best Hardwood Flooring Reviews: 2021 | Flooring by Sammer

5 Best Hardwood Flooring Brands #1 – Kährs Known for their exceptional high-end quality and unparalleled locking system that makes joints as tight as possible, Kahrs have their main production factory in Småland, Sweden, surrounded by forest. They also have some minor production in Poland, Romania, and China.【Get Price】

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