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Taking all of the above pros and cons into consideration we can conclude that composite decking is definitely worth its price. After all in this case double the cost means double the life span. So you are not actually spending more money. As mentioned above with all the money you save on maintenance the deck actually pays for itself! Besides that many disadvantages are not valid anymore.【Get Price】

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Both Composite Decking and Patios have low-water absorption insect resistant and UV resistant properties. However if Composite Decking is installed in a damp moist area moss and algae are more likely to grow and affect the integrity of the boards. Patio slabs are less likely to be broken down in damp areas.【Get Price】

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Like any material composite decking offers many benefits but has its drawbacks as well. On the first place to many people the fact remains – this is not a natural material and contains a fair amount of artificial materials and chemicals. The composites containing PVC are far from being environmentally friendly or biodegradable.【Get Price】

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Advantages: darker color lower maintenance cost colder touch Cons: softer shell most expensive decoration fewer color options For PVC decking material options please feel free to contact us if you are interested or go to our PVC decking model list to see the styles you like and ask for detailed pricing information.【Get Price】

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A PVC deck has a long life partly because of its weather-resistant properties. It is moisture resistant bug resistant and rot resistant. Unlike wooden decks which are susceptible to bug attacks and rot a PVC deck gives you peace of mind. It does not easily splinter or peel.【Get Price】

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Prons of PVC Decking: Ability to endure a large amount of foot traffic is a big pro of the PVC decking. When you host a lot of parties you may not think about the foot traffic that can ruin your wooden decking but it can.【Get Price】

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PVC is made entirely of plastic. It’s been on the market for well over 10 years and provides homeowners with a durable and maintenance free decking option. It’s available in a range of styles and colours and can mimic the look of real wood decking. Elite Decking Ltd. in Edmonton shares the benefits of PVC decking: 1. It doesn’t have to be.【Get Price】

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The case with composite decking is different because while its initial cost is a little high it barely requires any maintenance and this equals to less expense. Additionally composite decking is on edge in aesthetics it’s amazingly durable and it has a wide range of color and profile choices. Top PVC Decking Brands【Get Price】

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PRO: Composite decking is safe and splinter-free. Timber decking is prone to splintering which can be dangerous if you're walking around barefoot. DeckPlus composite decking doesn't splinter making it a safer choice - note that our boards are also slip resistant plus they don't get too hot on sunny days.【Get Price】

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There are some clear advantages and disadvantages to composite decking. However there are a lot more good points to this type of decking. While every single type of decking out there has its advantage and disadvantages it’s clear composite decking ticks more boxes. If you’re looking for decking that lasts and is low maintenance this is the type of decking you should seriously consider.【Get Price】

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Both types of decking will outperform and last longer than softwood decking. However despite their similarities there are still some significant differences between composite decking and uPVC bringing with them various advantages and disadvantages. Here we weigh up the pros and cons of each. uPVC Decking. uPVC decking is made from 100%.【Get Price】

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The good news is that composite decking advantages far outweigh its disadvantages. This write-up examines composite decking disadvantages vs advantages. Composite Decking Disadvantages High Cost Compare to Wood Decking. One of the disadvantages of composite decking is that it cost more than wood or timber decking. The reason for comparing.【Get Price】

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The Cons of Composite Decking. In all honesty there are very few cons of composite decking especially when you compare it to it’s timber counterpart! As mentioned composite decking boards are robust weather-resistant and have great colour stability. However even though our composite decking boards are easy to maintain some surface layer.【Get Price】

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