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Our wall texture did make things a little bit difficult just because they aren’t completely smooth. In several different spots if we were to nail the board in place they would have sank too far inside the wall leaving a big gap. To fix it so the boards sat more flush with one another we shimmed behind the boards that needed it with paper.【Get Price】

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The wall on the left side will be getting the full treatment. The pocket door in the middle divides the two rooms both rooms will be getting board and batten. When you ask an engineer for help with a project I have found that in my experience I often times get the design in the form of an auto cad drawing.【Get Price】

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For our little cottagey casa board and batten is perfect. Our walls are 60 year old plastered textured dry wall. The texture isn’t a nice texture…it’s old cracking and hideous. So instead of being able to cut corners like many AMAZING home bloggers we did it the hard way and installed both our boards and our battens.【Get Price】

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Add texture style and sophistication to any room with a DIY board-and-batten wall treatment. You may not recognize the name but board and batten is a classic type of wainscoting. It blends different sizes of plywood boards and molding to create a chic textured look.【Get Price】

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Just put the board and batten on making sure it's as plumb as possible. Fill gaps with a bead of paintable caulk and smooth out with a wet finger. If the texture is really rough you will need to scrape it off where you want to place the board and batten. Shoshana on Feb 06 2018【Get Price】

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Yes you absolutely can install board and batten on textured walls. In fact a “true” board and batten wall involves adding boards directly to the wall for a smooth backing. Many of the board and batten tutorials out there show trim pieces added directly to the wall which is definitely a very inexpensive way to install board and batten!【Get Price】

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1) What is board and batten? To quote wikipedia board and batten is a wall “treatment of vertical boards with battens covering the seams.” Basically it’s flat panels (the board) mounted to a wall with long skinny boards (the batten) mounted vertically (and evenly spaced) to hide the seams where the panels meet.【Get Price】

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We have a vision of having all the walls be board and batten. In order for this {in our opinions} to look really great the walls should be smooth to start. Also by having smooth walls we are able to simply paint the white for the B&B rather than hang tile backer sheets like we did in our living room. Funny/embarrassing life lesson/sad story: when we first moved in this house we hired.【Get Price】

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Our walls in the dining room are 8 feet tall or 96 inches so a 1/3 of that is 32 inches. Next is when you need to decide if you want to cover the bottom section of the wall with a smooth surface or just use the textured wall as the background of the board and batten.【Get Price】

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This photo shows a board-and-batten exterior wall but the concept for an interior wall is the same wide boards covered at the seams by narrow (usually 2-inch) wood pieces called battens. Create a beautiful paneled wall over a weekend for less than $100.【Get Price】

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DIY board and batten best practices. Follow these simple practices and your project will turn out absolutely amazing! 1. Start with a smooth surface. I know! A lot of us have textured walls and while you may decide to just install the board and batten over it as is I strongly recommend having a smooth surface between the boards.【Get Price】

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See below for products used**EDIT : Audio is messed up at 8:35 - music uploaded loader than in my project. In the clip i just talk about caulking all the sea...【Get Price】

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Textured walls can be made into a board and batten wall. To make everything look smooth it is best to cover the textured wall with a smooth thin sheet of plywood or hardboard. To make everything look smooth it is best to cover the textured wall with a smooth thin sheet of plywood or hardboard.【Get Price】

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The Board and Batten Bedroom Wall: 12 Types To Give You Ideas And Inspiration. This might come as a surprise but board and batten isn’t that expensive to add to your home. But don’t do what I did – because there was a big drawback! The height of our board and batten makes it impossible to hang anything on our bedroom walls. And mounting.【Get Price】

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The number one question I get when it comes to any trim work on walls is how it would work with textured walls. This board and batten was done on slightly textured walls and looks GREAT!: Small Stuff Counts. I LOVE how it can brighten up dark spaces. You.【Get Price】

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Watch Board And Batten With Textured Walls | Homewithstefani - WatchAccuseSeries on Dailymotion【Get Price】

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16 Picture Gallery: 32+ Simplistic Board and Batten On Textured Walls That Will Make You Think About Remaking Your One Pictures【Get Price】

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Learn how to make your own custom board and batten / wainscoting accent wall! If you have textured walls like I do I show you how to get a smooth professio...【Get Price】

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If you have a really textured wall though (that’s super noticeable) and want to make the wall totally smooth for your board and batten spacing then I would attach a 1/8″ panel board (such as hardboard or plywood) cut to size on the wall. They come in 4×8 foot sheets and the home improvement store can cut them for you too.【Get Price】

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