how to replace the wood on a screened porch

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Simply lay out the screen over the frame and staple one side. Gently stretch the screening on the opposite side of the first staples. Return to the first side gently stretch the material and add more staples. Repeat this process on the remaining two sides and you’re done!【Get Price】

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The old-fashioned method of installing a screened-in porch is to staple the screen to the frame and then hold it down with wooden strips. To replace the screen the old strips would have to be ripped up then I'd have to pull out the staples replace the screen using new staples and lay down new wood strips.【Get Price】

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The screen that I bought (at right) specifically says it is good for insect screening. It cost $15.00 per roll and we bought four rolls for our 250 square foot deck. So far the screen has worked; I have yet to see a bug inside my porch. This step is one that I would not skip if redoing a screened porch that has deck flooring. Especially in.【Get Price】

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Installing the new screen is a job best done by two people. You will need one person to pull the screen taut so it will stay tight and firm. As one person pulls the screen taut use the staple gun to attach the screen in place. After you complete each section you'll need to replace the paneling trim to cover the edges.【Get Price】

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Prepare the wood filler and using a putty knife fill the holes and cracks with the filler. Wipe the excess with cloth and allow the filler to cure. Level out the surface with sandpaper. Step 4 – Replace Rotten Wood【Get Price】

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Inspect the wood frame of your screened-in porch for any minor damage and clean any debris that may have built up in the tracks where the screen holders fit. Touch up any areas with paint if this is needed and allow at least a few hours of drying time before attaching your new screen panel. Step 4 -- Fit Replacement Screen【Get Price】

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