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They’re well suited for both indoor and outdoor uses. Cable railing systems work with nearly any type of post material including aluminum steel composite sleeves and wood. Material options like 316-grade stainless steel make cable railing corrosion-resistant and well-suited to seaside environments.【Get Price】

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While every single type of decking out there has its advantage and disadvantages it’s clear composite decking ticks more boxes. If you’re looking for decking that lasts and is low maintenance this is the type of decking you should seriously consider buying.【Get Price】

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High Cost Compare to Wood Decking One of the disadvantages of composite decking is that it cost more than wood or timber decking. The reason for comparing composite decking with timber decking is that most of its users switch from wood decking. Homeowners have long used wood decking before they developed composite decking.【Get Price】

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This is a commonly-quoted disadvantage of composite decking: that it simply doesn't look as nice as genuine hardwood decking. It's true that wood/plastic composite decking will never look quite as natural as 100% wood products but we still think our composite decking products are absolutely beautiful.【Get Price】

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List of the Pros of Composite Decking 1. It only needs mild cleaning to preserve its look throughout the year. If you use real wood for your decking material then you’ll need to sand and stain it periodically to preserve it.【Get Price】

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