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If you have a second-story deck you can also install a deck drainage system to divert water away from the joists and bearers. There are essentially two choices: over-joist or under-joist. An over-joist system is just that: the drainage system installed over the joists never allows water to come in contact with the joists. An under-joist system allows water to trickle through the slats in.【Get Price】

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Lastly you could use a joist spacer that is domed and sheds the water and debris and locks permanently under each deck board. At any rate if you use one of the above solutions you should expect more than another twenty-one years of longevity from the deck. That makes at least forty-two years of service for two decks.【Get Price】

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The joists are hung from a header board which is attached to the house. At the opposite end there is a rim joist. The rim joist is the end piece of the joist system that caps all of the ends. Is There Any Way to Waterproof Deck Joists? Like any other wood joists made of pressure treated pine are susceptible to decay due to water intrusion.【Get Price】

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Lay waterproof guard strips for joists on the entire deck structure. Once it well protected you can screw the treated wooden board over this structure which has become waterproof. Learn how to lay waterproof strip on your deck frame. Detailed instructions【Get Price】

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This non-skid self-adhesive deck flashing tape shields the tops of joists rim joists beams and the ledger board from moisture that can lead to the development of rot and wood decay and the loosening of deck screws and fasteners. Protect guards against costly future water damage — at a low cost.【Get Price】

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