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Waterproof stadium coating. For an outdoor surface that must withstand weather as well as foot traffic your best bet may be a special waterproof deck coating such as those designed for sports stadiums. These are often reinforced with anti-slip elements that keep pedestrians safe even in inclement weather.【Get Price】

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Our ribbed outdoor carpet tiles are often used under covered patios and areas not super susceptible to lots of water. The self-adhering backing makes for a simple but secure installation. Plus these carpet squares are mold- and mildew-resistant which perfect for patios basements and other areas with the potential for moisture.【Get Price】

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Rust-Oleum ’s esteemed Mathys Murfill range offers a waterproofing coating that is 100% waterproof 400% elastic colour protection from sunlight in even the darker shades low odour and minimal VOCs making it environmentally friendly.【Get Price】

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Here’s how to apply waterproof silicone sealant for lasting results: Remove old caulk or sealant. Work with a putty knife or scraping tool. For particularly stubborn sealant use UniBond Silicone Sealant Remover.【Get Price】

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HydroShield® is the water-resistant flooring option for busy homes on a budget. With its 100% flexible silicone sealant it’s water-resistant for up to 24 hours! Plus it’s resistant to dents scratches and stains so it holds up in areas with lots of traffic and moisture like kitchens mudrooms and even full bathrooms.【Get Price】

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The Shopfitting Shop Large Small Outdoor Rubber Entrance Mats Anti Fatigue None Slip Indoor Safety Flooring Drainage Door Mat Sizes 0.9 Metre x 1.5 Metre and 0.6 Metre x 0.9m (0.9 Metre x 1.5 Metre)【Get Price】

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