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Unique Design Ideas for Building a Deck around a Pool

A full deck is a traditional choice and these decks go all around the pool. For safety reasons integrate a fence that matches the wood of the deck to create a cohesive design. Again though check with your municipality to ensure that your fence and deck comply with local ordinances and laws.【Get Price】

Wooden Decks for Inground Swimming Pools: Cost Types and More

On the high-end you’re looking at around $15 per square foot. If you have a smaller pool and choose a cheaper wood like pine or cedar you probably won’t pay more than $5000 for your deck. However let’s say you have a large pool and you want a mahogany deck wrapping all the way around it. Then you’re looking at closer to $10000 and up.【Get Price】

Wooden Decking for Inground Swimming Pools - Inland Empire.

The best type of wood for a pool deck There are so many different types of wood that are used for building purposes and pool decks are not immune to these great choices. Most pool decks are created from pine which is a long-lasting and relatively cheap option. Other great choices include teak mahogany redwood and cedar.【Get Price】

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