live load surcharge on retaining walls


traffic and street traffic for temporary shoring design adjacent to the public way. Surcharge loads shall be applied where vehicular load or pedestrian loads are expected to act on the surface behind a shored excavation or retaining wall within a distance equal to the height of the excavation or wall.【Get Price】

How loadings Applied to Retaining Wall

construction since it is the most critical section of wall stem in wall design. Steel has very high tensile strength but can bend easily due to its small cross section. Missing concrete or pool consolidation and foreign object intrusion in the wall base section will reduce support to the steel and can cause wall failure.【Get Price】

The 45 Degree Rule of Thumb for Surcharges | Groundforce

For now we will just take a look from a temporary works perspective and assess what effect a surcharge will have in terms of additional loads on the shoring that supports the wall. So let’s keep things simple for now and just consider a line load surcharge of say 10kN/m acting at the surface close to the excavation. According to classic.【Get Price】


The Live Load Surcharge is positioned to produce the maximum design load. In Figure 1 where a semi-gravity wall is shown the Live Load Surcharge is placed over any element of the ERS for settlement and bearing analysis while the Live Load Surcharge is placed behind all the elements of the ERS for sliding and eccentricity analysis. Note that.【Get Price】

Traffic (live load) surcharges on retaining walls - Earth.

250 psf is the minimum AASHTO surcharge. It should cover most vehicle loads provided they are not immediately up against the back face of the wall. Check AASHTO for different amounts of surcharge for different height walls. The surcharge can be 2 feet or more of earth surcharge but 250 pdf minimum.【Get Price】

5.1. Structural Design Calculations

Applied vertical dead load on wall Wdead= 85.6kN/m Applied vertical live load on wall Wlive= 3.8kN/m Position of applied vertical load on wall lload= 3150mm Applied horizontal dead load on wall...【Get Price】

Retaining Wall Design Example With Surcharge Load.

Retaining wall design example with surcharge load. However this isnt the case if the retaining wall is. Retaining walls generally have little vertical load other than self weight and weight of any soil on a footing.【Get Price】

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