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Unlike the deck boards we supply here at softwood decking absorbs water from rain and snow (as well as from cleaning) and stays wet for long periods meaning that the boards can become very slippery underfoot. These prolonged periods of wetness can also lead to the rapid build-up of mildew and mould the spores from which will remain in the body of the wood even after the surface.【Get Price】

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Wood Wood is a smooth choice that feels wonderful underfoot but not all types are suitable for pool decking. You’ll need a good exterior wood such as redwood teak cedar or ipe (an exotic...【Get Price】

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Cedartone Weather Best will be cooler than their driftwood Gray but it will retain the heat for several hours after the sun is down. Another decking that will not get as hot as WB and won't retain the heat is Pro Cell. It is vinyl not composite.【Get Price】

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Nowadays decking designers love the composite decks and apply it to form terraces porches alleys children playgrounds outdoor areas quays and pools. Of course the main disadvantage of the composite wood is that it’s not entirely a natural product.【Get Price】

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Owners of this type of decking will know that over time their deck can become a breeding ground for algae mildew and moss – which is the biggest contributor of a slippery deck area. Fortunately the plastic and timber composition of our decking means that they are highly resistant to the effects of this type of growth and therefore impacts the board’s general slip-resistance.【Get Price】

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A highly versatile decking option there is no argument that plastic or PVC decking represents a truly low maintenance option but there is something about the artificial look of plastic that puts many people off this solution. Although this decking option arguably doesn’t look as stylish as some of the other low maintenance options it is particularly fade stain and mold resistant. Easy to.【Get Price】

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What may work on a properly built deck in a dry area — may not at the beach (hot) or on a ground level deck in a moist area. They are not universal products … some of the composite products will not work with typical 16″ spacing when replacing a wood deck — especially one that’s not firm to begin with. If you are doing a composite — read the specifications and installation.【Get Price】

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If you’ve ever worn black clothing on a hot day you probably know firsthand that it absorbs more heat compared to a white t-shirt. Opting for composite hardwood in a lighter hue can provide a similar result and feel much more comfortable underfoot. 3. Plant Natural Shade. What if you have a darker wood deck that is in fine working shape? If.【Get Price】

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Finally a Composite Decking that Doesn’t Get Too Hot We created our CoolDeck® Technology to help reduce heat by up to 35% so you can stay much cooler under the hot summer sun.【Get Price】

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PVC decks. This option has historically offered some of the most convincing alternative teak products with the grain texture impact resistance and non-slip properties of the real thing. As a.【Get Price】

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Extra grip underfoot can be especially important on steps or if your decking will border wet areas like a hot tub or pool. Our layered timber deck boards have a conventional softwood base with an extra surface layer. We offer these in two choices - Grassedeck and Walksure. Grassedeck (pictured) - featuring a layer of artificial grass this.【Get Price】

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My deck is made from Ipe and I have walked barefoot on it for years. Even in the most extreme cases it is tolerable. I have also stepped on friends' synthetic decks and did the hot foot hustle dance. Decking seems to be uncomfortable for me when it gets upwards of 150 degrees. (My girls might think a lower temp as they are tenderfeet.) Being a.【Get Price】

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Q. How far apart should the joists be on a composite deck install? Most brands and manufacturers will recommend a joist distance of not more than 16 inches. While some brands can use 24-inch joist placement 12 to 16 inches is still preferred for strength and appearance. Q. Do composite decks get hot? Yes. In direct sunlight composite wood.【Get Price】

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We are in the process of deciding what to use on our deck and are trying to decide between Ipe and PT lumber. One of our concerns is that the Ipe will get very hot underfoot in the summer because of the dark color. We mistakenly stained our previous PT deck a dark color and discovered that it was to...【Get Price】

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An outdoor deck is a welcome addition to any backyard providing amenity and a place for the family to gather and enjoy warm weather. While walking barefoot outside on a hot summer day is one of.【Get Price】

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In hot consistently sun-exposed areas PVC and aluminium decks can also get very hot underfoot. While composite decking products can also retain heat after a long day in direct sunlight they won’t shrink or splinter like timber. If you plan on building a deck in time for our summer that will be exposed to direct sunlight consider.【Get Price】

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That’s correct light-colored porcelain pavers will be more comfortable underfoot. Due to its potential to generate a higher surface temperature a darker shade like Pedra Azul is better suited for a shady area or a northern climate.【Get Price】

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