how to do decking along with fence

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Decking can be attached to a fixed wall using ledger board. This should measure the length of the structure that will face the adjoining wall. Before starting this process check that your ledger board is perfectly straight and has not warped.【Get Price】

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On one side however the deck will be against a party fence (installed 5 months ago tanilised). My question is therefore what separation do I need between the fence and the deck? The deck will be level with (not below) the gravel boards and I don't want to compromise either the deck or the fence by encouraging a damp atmosphere. Equally I don't want to have to leave to big a gap between.【Get Price】

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Make sure the top level of a deck attached to your house wall is at least 150mm below the damp proof course (DPC). That way you'll be complying with Building Regulations. Allow for access hatches or cut-outs in the deck around drain inspection covers and make sure you don't block any air bricks.【Get Price】

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Cut notches in the first board to fit around the deck posts. To do this cut the board to length and clamp it in position in front of the deck posts overhanging the sub-frame. Measure and mark the outline of the deck posts accurately onto the deck board with a combination square or builder's square.【Get Price】

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