what is engineered wood flooring made of

What Is Engineered Wood Flooring ? | Our Experts Explain.

To be considered an engineered wood floor the decorative layer must be real wood. Unlike laminate flooring where the decorative layer is a print engineered floors can only have a natural decorative top layer. There is real wood used in making a laminate floor.【Get Price】

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Engineered wood flooring is made up of anything between 3 and 12 layers of ply. These layers of ply are cross layered then glued and pressed together to form a really strong bond. It’s this bonded core board that makes engineered wood flooring so very different from solid wood flooring.【Get Price】

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Engineered Wood also known as “man-made wood” or composite wood is a versatile alternative to hard wood. It is constructed from multiple layers of wood called ply that have been reformed using heat glue and pressure each layer runs in different directions which makes it very stable and provide better properties than hard wood.【Get Price】

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As the name suggests solid wood floors are made of one piece of wood cut into planks that are treated and finished whilst engineered wood flooring is made of several layers of ply with a solid wood veneer.【Get Price】

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The plywood core layers usually made with high density fiberboard are stacked in opposite directions and glued together. Engineered hardwood cores are made with a tongue and groove system much like a laminate that allows for a click and lock installation. After the core is assembled the hardwood veneer is adhered to the top.【Get Price】

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Engineered wood flooring is made up by bonding multiple layers of wood together and finished with a solid wood top layer or wear layer.【Get Price】

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