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boards to achieve the desired effect a directional label is noted on the side of each board showing grain direction. During the planning phase of any deck project arrange decking before installation to achieve the desired pattern and color effect (Figure 11). This is also important if different【Get Price】

How to Install Plastpro PVC Wainscoting/Planking

For easy installation use Liquid Nails or a similar quality panel adhesive. For better holding strength use nails. Angle all nails and drive nails within ¼” of the surface with hammer. Then tap the board into place with a hammer and a wood block to protect the planking.【Get Price】


Installation: Base Trim Measure your wall if your wall is longer than 8’ pre-mitre the joining end with the next piece of base board you will be using. [image 7 ] Make certain the Base Trim has the pre-grooved end up before glueing or nailing. Apply glue in a zig-zag pattern on back of Base Trim and apply to wall. Make sure Base Trim pieces.【Get Price】

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Installing Cortex Fasteners In PVC Trim - A Concord CarpenterFor horizontal trim planks less than 12″ wide use two Cortex fasteners at every framing member – rafter tail or wall stud. The screws Veranda PVC decking.【Get Price】

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