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Retaining walls can be made from wood bricks natural stones or concrete blocks. For DIYers it's best to use concrete retaining wall blocks which can be interlocking and are heavy enough to stay in place without cement or other adhesive. Interlocking blocks fit together and add extra security to the wall.【Get Price】

What is the best wood to use for retaining walls? | Wood.

Oct 26 2016 - Restoration Juniper landscaping timbers are an ideal solution for retaining walls and other ground-contact installations【Get Price】

Best Type Of Retaining Wall? Block Brick Concrete or Wood.

Brick retaining walls are typically built in one of two ways: cavity wall or block core wall. Cavity walls use two brick walls set very close together; the gap in between is filled with concrete to make the wall sturdy. Block core walls are made of CMU blocks and steel which is then fitted with a brick veneer. They’re both strong and both look about the same.【Get Price】

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Cedar Cedar is arguably the most common timber used for retaining walls. Cedar contains numerous natural oils that make it highly resistant to damage caused by water decay or pests. This amazing timber is an especially strong wood choice and is not prone to sagging or warping.【Get Price】

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Although fading in popularity wood walls complement some yards and homes especially if the home has a rustic appearance (such as stained wood and stone). It’s also a good choice when cost is an issue. You can use either standard lumber (2x4s 2x6s 2x8s etc.) or timbers (4x6s 6x6s). You can easily incorporate multiple angles and steps.【Get Price】

What is the best wood to use for retaining walls?

Wood retaining walls provide structure stability and natural beauty to gardens and landscaping projects. They continue to be a popular choice because of the natural look they provide and because of their low price point relative to expensive masonry and concrete retaining walls.【Get Price】

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This vulnerability shortens the lifespan of wood walls compared to block or concrete walls. To maximize your timber wall longevity the contractor must pay close attention to water where it gathers and pools both on top and behind the wall.【Get Price】

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What kind of wood should I use for a retaining wall? The best kind of lumber for these walls is Douglas fir pressure treated with preservatives to discourage rot. It will be green or brown in color and rated for earth-to-wood contact.【Get Price】

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