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Silva Timber offers a wide range of hardwood softwood and wood composite deck boards; perfect for enhancing outdoor space. You can choose from timber species such as Western Red Cedar Siberian Larch and Yellow Balau hardwood decking or opt for our eco-friendly wood composite ranges NEOLIFE or EasyDeeck. Why choose Silva Timber?【Get Price】

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Cetol Log Siding is a high-performance translucent satin finish for exterior vertical wood surfaces. This alkyd high solids formulation offers optimum protection and a premium look in just two coats. The high solids alkyd resin used in Cetol Log Siding is another example of Sikkens' commitment to providing superior quality wood coatings.【Get Price】

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Installing Z-Flashing. To prevent water from seeping behind the deck's ledger board and rotting the board and the siding the flashing must cover the top of the ledger board and bend over the edge.【Get Price】

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Refreshing the finish on decks fences and siding are all projects that top the to-do lists because without renewed protection against Mother Nature wood will start to decay. The sunlight breaks down the lignin that holds wood fibers together leaving a gray surface that can’t hold a finish. Then water gets in rotting boards and shingles and worse potentially compromising the.【Get Price】

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1507.9.1 Deck Requirements Wood shakes shall only be used on solid or spaced sheathing. Where spaced sheathing is used sheathing boards shall be not less than 1-inch by 4-inch (25 mm by 102 mm) nominal dimensions and shall be spaced on centers equal to the weather exposure to coincide with the placement of fasteners.【Get Price】

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Re-roof: new OSB deck over wood shake/shingle. Specific Inspection Topics. Roofing Inspections. jfunderburk (Joe Funderburk CMI) June 13 2011 2:59pm #1. Anything to prohibit that or should the shingles/shakes have been removed? jmckee (James F. McKee).【Get Price】

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After you demolish the old deck but before you start work on the new one you’ll need to make sure the wood on and in the house is still in good shape. Water leaking around an old deck ledger can cause significant damage to the house framing. The existing house rim and the lower support walls need to be solid enough to support the multi-ton weight of a deck filled with people. After the old.【Get Price】

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Shingles Shakes Cedar shingles and shakes are renowned for their insulation qualities dimensional stability and natural resistance to the elements. Cedar roof shingles contain a natural preservative making them uncommonly durable in their natural state.【Get Price】

How to Build a Wood and Stone Deck (DIY)

Snap a level line on your siding 1/2 in. above that height for siding clearance. Then measure and mark the ends of the ledger according to your plan. If your siding is wood set your circular saw to the depth of the siding and cut the top and sides. Then pry the siding off. If you have vinyl or aluminum siding you may be able to cut it off with several strokes of a utility knife or use a.【Get Price】

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wood shakes and shingles when properly installed over specified roof decks with appropriate underlayments are also considered fire resistant. (Note – Many local jurisdictions prohibit the use of wood shakes and shingles in new construction.) Fire res.【Get Price】

Mastering Roof Inspections: Wood Shakes and Shingles Part 7.

Wood Roof Repair Methods. Repairing damaged areas of wood roofs generally means replacing shakes or shingles. Removing and replacing a shake or shingle is easy and takes less than five minutes. Using a hammer the shake is driven up far enough to pull the fasteners loose. The shake is then removed.【Get Price】

How to Pressure-Wash a Wood Deck

When it's time to clean your wood deck in preparation for refinishing a chemical deck brightener applied by hand-scrubbing may not do the job of deep-cleaning but a power washer will. Often a pressure-washer can effectively clean a deck with just plain water. However a pressure washer can ruin your deck if it's not used properly. This is a tool that is powerful enough to etch brick but in.【Get Price】

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Wood shakes are thicker than wood shingles. There are two main types: (1) handsplit and resawn and (2) tapersawn. Handsplit and resawn shakes have the split face exposed with a naturally rustic appearance and are sawn on the back. Tapersawn wood shakes are sawn on both sides for a semi-textured look with a stronger shadowline than a wood shingle.【Get Price】

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This resistance can even be strengthened by sealing the wood. When you use tigerwood when building a deck you won’t have to worry about the rain. Tigerwood is water-resistant making it a great choice for the outdoors. This also means that there’s less chance of the wood rotting and being infested with bugs. It’s also scratch-resistant.【Get Price】

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