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Rain Water Drainage on Deck. by Paul Houston (United Kingdom) I had a 4m x 3m softwood deck built last summer. All in all a good job. The problem I have now is standing rain water in some areas. It takes days to dry out. It seems that the deck is too level and there is only a gap of about 1mm between boards.【Get Price】

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Here are a number of methods for fixing the problem of standing water on a patio surface: 1. Cut a Drainage Channel One solution is to add a sloping drainage channel to the patio to help the water drain away from the patio.【Get Price】

New composite decking - pools of water when rains.

If you could post a picture of the deck boards from a height of about 3 feet looking straight down at them just to see the spacing of the board also youcould pour a few buckets of water and it will pool the same way and post a picture of that it should be possible to adjust the structure if its noot too far off what it should be.【Get Price】

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1. Check your deck for level in the direction perpendicular to the house. 2. Figure out how much shorter the outside of the deck needs to be in order to slope ¼" per foot. 3. Shore up the deck by wedging temporary 2x4 supports under the exterior rim joist (outermost framing member beneath the deck). Tack the supports in with heavy screws. If.【Get Price】

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Decking is an ideal choice for outdoor seating and dining areas as rainwater can flow underneath and into the ground. Making sure that there is a fall in the construction means surface water should run away easily. If you do opt for a paved surface; a) Lay a hardcore (aggregate) sub-base rather than concrete slab below.【Get Price】

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Moisture can settle into the pores of even treated wood and damage it especially boards with a cupped top surface where water can puddle. After a rainstorm I use my gas-powered leaf blower to...【Get Price】

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Get shopping advice from experts friends and the community! My deck is made of composite material and has no gaps (I suppose it has tongue and groove joint). During the water puddles. I believe it does not slope outwards to drain. Short of making holes is there any other way of solving this problem? Would holes in decking create problem? How big the holes should be? thanks【Get Price】

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