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Hardwood Decking. As long as it is sustainably sourced hardwood is completely environmentally friendly and a natural renewable resource. Cost effective. Generally cheaper than composite decking and when maintained well it can last a lifetime. It’s real wood natural authentic. Hardwood decks have a natural warmth and smell that composite.【Get Price】

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A significant factor in hardwood vs. composite decking is the cost of each product. When looking at the composite decking versus wood cost you will find that you actually pay more for composite decking between the initial order and the installation costs.【Get Price】

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Unlike hardwood boards ’s composite wood decking has no grain so it doesn’t split or warp. Our boards are slip-and algae-resistant and they dry quickly when wet ( decking is saturated at 1.2% water and typically takes around 30 minutes to dry whereas wood absorbs up to 50% water and takes a longer time to dry).【Get Price】

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Composite While composite decking is designed to reproduce the strength of a natural hardwood it falls far short. The span rating is very low and it tends to sag somewhat between the deck joists. There have also been many complaints of weakening and issues of poor-quality control procedures since composite decking appeared on the market.【Get Price】

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For hardwood generally speaking the wood simply needs to be cut and sawn before being sold. Composite wood on the other hand is made via a more complicated process. Composite wood is made out of a mix of wood and plastic (which is usually recycled).【Get Price】

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Usually it has a high-friction surface which means it won’t be slippery. A significant downside of hardwood decking is that it can become slippery when it’s wet or when fungus or algae build up on its surface. However you’ll avoid that choosing composite decking. So what the other side of the coin when composite decking is concerned?【Get Price】

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Hardwood decking is a beautiful authentic productbut composite decking is a long-lasting low-maintenance alternative that looks just as good. 19 Dec 2012 Composite Decking vs. Hardwood Decking【Get Price】

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