how many boards do i need for a deck

How Many Deck Boards Do I Need? [Decking Calculator]

You’ll need a space of ⅛” between each board. For a 10×10 square deck you would therefore need twenty-two 10’ deck boards. Dimensions for deck boards can vary depending on the look you want and the deck board type you use. However the most common is a 5/4” thick by 6” wide deck board of any length.【Get Price】

How Much Decking Do I Need? – Ecodek

To work out how many boards to cover this area follow the steps below: Work out how many square metres the area is this is done by Length x Width e.g. 6 x 4 = 24m²; To cover 1m² with Ecodek composite decking you need 7.1 metres of material. Therefore the next calculation is to work out how many linear metres is needed to cover this area m2 x.【Get Price】

How many decking boards do I need? - Decking Calculator

Do you need help calculating how many deck boards you are going to need for your project? This quick and easy decking calculator should help you work out how many you need. Decking comes in all shapes and sizes it better to do a little maths before you begin than guess and run out of decking or fixings during the project.【Get Price】

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