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(i) This fireproof mat can protect your wooden deck from the extreme heat of the fire pit as it has been tested to withstand the temperature of 1400 degrees Fahrenheit for long periods without any damage to either the mat or the deck beneath. (ii) The mat is available in different sizes. You can choose from 12 inches16 inches 24 inches30.【Get Price】

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Wood can catch fire quite easily and will burn quickly so it is therefore essential that all timber items in your garden area are fireproof to ensure the safety of your home. Garden timber includes constructs such as sheds summerhouses and gazebos that are made from wood as well as features and decorative elements like pergolas wooden chairs and benches.【Get Price】

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Even absent a direct touch by flame if there is a fire at the structure and the temperature gets high enough the wood will combust. I had a house fire a few years ago that started on a wood deck. The fire department estimated the temperatures were around 1800 degrees. It melted my tools.【Get Price】

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The second layer is made of heat insulation cotton which is fireproof. The last layer is PU coated fiberglass fabric. Thus it is the best fire mat for wood deck. Due to high-quality heat resistant and fireproof materials the mat can even work with fire pits that have low clearance.【Get Price】

The Most Fire-Resistant Decking: Composites vs. Ipe

The board did really well until the fire broke through the PVC cap and hit the wood fibers in the center of the board you could see it was definitely catching on fire. The AZEK although it looks worse was the only product that didn't actually catch on fire. So if you're looking for a product that is not going to catch fire AZEK would probably be the one you would choose.【Get Price】

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Does anyone make a fireproof deck board? A.Stephen Quarles a University of California Cooperative Extension advisor in Richmond Calif. responds: For truly noncombustible decking you could use an aluminum product like AridDek ( Last-Deck ( or Lock Dry ( But there aren’t currently any wood plastic.【Get Price】

What Is Fire-Resistant Wood Decking Why Do You Need It?

Invest in Fire-Resistant Wood for Your Deck. Wood decking has always been a popular decking option in the past. But with the fear of fires many people have begun to seek alternatives when they don’t need to. All that is needed is a fire-resistant wood material.【Get Price】

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Fire Retardant Treated (FRT) Wood Woods are highly flammable but they can be made fire-resistant when treated with fire retardants. Fire retardants make wooden planks and other decking materials less susceptible to catch fires. Fire retardant compounds are usually added to wood during pressure treatment.【Get Price】

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Indeed you can enjoy a fire pit on a wood deck but you need to take safety measures to prevent unwanted fire and damage to your wood deck. If you want to enjoy the fire pit you must use the best fire pit mat for wood deck. It will prevent any fire or burn marks on the wood. Fire mat is essential; otherwise it will ruin your deck. There are many types of fire pit mats available but we have.【Get Price】

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Zeroflame Fire Retardant Paint is a matt white single-pack waterborne coating for wood and other wood derivatives that achieves Class 1 and Class 0. Achieves the equivalent to Class 0 and Class 1 to EU Standard EN13501-1:2007 Can be over-coated with waterborne paints Simple certificate application following purchase and application...【Get Price】

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Fireproofing a wooden deck is a great idea and it really will offer protection and peace of mind. However if you already have an existing deck in place this may be impossible to do. You can take steps to lessen the chance of fires such as: Move all fire sources off and away from the deck if possible.【Get Price】

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One of the many questions that you may ask in that regard when looking to add a composite deck to your property is whether composite decking is fireproof or at least fire-resistant especially if you live in a climate where situations involving fires such as bushfires are a common possibility. Here we explain how decking materials are tested and rated and whether or not composite decking is.【Get Price】 fire pit mat for decking

24" Diameter Round Fireproof Mat for Outdoor Patio and Deck Fire Pit - Heat Shield Fire Pit Mat for Grass Ground and Wood Floor with Fire Retardant Material - Protect Wood Decking and Porch 236 £24 25【Get Price】

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Most wood species are rated Class C for fire resistance but you can build safer with a Class A–rated composite decking like AmeraDeck made from PVC and wood fiber. Not all composite decking is created equal though—be sure to check fire ratings before you buy. $2.15 per lineal foot. AmeraDeck Chandler AZ; 877-788-1887.【Get Price】

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