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Suspended timber floors which are typically found in older houses are normally made from timber floorboards which are then attached to joists just above the foundations of a house. This creates a small gap and allows ventilation and air movement to prevent damp forming in the timber joists.【Get Price】

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Suspended concrete floor This construction is similar to the timber floor above but uses either pre-cast concrete planks or small pre-cast concrete beams with concrete blocks laid between the beams. They can normally span greater distances than timber joists. Ventilation is required in the same way as a suspended timber floor.【Get Price】

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A typical suspended timber floor from about 1900 comprises a series of joists supported by external and internal loadbearing walls and covered with floorboards. Deep joists were expensive (they still are) and to reduce joist size there were usually intermediate supports known as sleeper walls. These are small walls in rough stone or brickwork built directly on the ground or on small.【Get Price】

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I am not sure if this is best in here or the general building section but here goes. I want to install a suspended timber floor in the small front extension area that will sit "within the house". The area is 3m x 1.5m. The ground level sits approximately 450mm bellow the top of the proposed joist.【Get Price】

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