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Any film-forming finish that contains ultraviolet absorbers [UVA] needs to be applied to a controlled film thickness in order that the UVA be able to effectively protect the underlying wood. A UVA in some concentration will attenuate a certain percentage of the UV for each unit thickness.【Get Price】

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The very best exterior finish I have tried so far is the Sikkens Cetol system. It does fade in direct sun situations but a fresh coat of the colored Cetol 23 solves the problem and you do not need to strip and re-finish. I brush on the Cetol 1 which is required and then I spray on the two coats of Cetol 23.【Get Price】

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I started with waterbased dye to even out wood followed by thinned down (25%) seal coat of petit marine flagship varnish scuff sand and synthetic steel wool. Then one more coat of varnish (thinned 15% mostly to spray well). Scuff and synthetic wool and then glaze with an exterior stain to even the wood more and protect the dye.【Get Price】

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Mother nature has the best finish for outdoors. It takes a long time to produce but requires no maintenance and just gets better with age. Cladding and building with barn wood is not easy but makes for a great finish. View higher quality full size image (1280 X 960) View higher quality full size image (1280 X 960)【Get Price】

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2k urethanes for exterior wood will work just fine. They dry quicker than Sikkens products and have a "fine finish" look. As with any coating things can happen to cause a failure. It seems people in the USA want a coating that requires no maintenance for years or decades.【Get Price】

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In my 30 years experience in wood finishing - both spray and hand - no clear exterior coating has lasted more than three years before failing. The only exception has been a tung oil/varnish mix with high maintenance like waxing twice a year plus a sanding and quick recoat every 5 years. My own neighborhood had a long tradition of faux painted woodgrain entry doors. They would usually last 10.【Get Price】

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Best of both worlds : clear exterior finishes : in search of finishes that protect wood without hiding its natural beauty (2000) In recent years a number of clear wood finishes have been developed that protect wood while accentuating its natural beauty. The focus of this publication is on those finishes having little visible pigment. In some.【Get Price】

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