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In modern lightweight-wood frame construction these balconies and decks are often carried by cantilever beams supported by the building wall on one side unsupported on the other; and counterbalanced by an extension of the cantilevers to beams inside the floor-ceiling assemblies inside the building.【Get Price】


Hi i made this balcony with pressure treated Douglas.The rods and screws I used are stainless steel.The rods are fixed in the wall with vinylester chemical.【Get Price】

Common Construction Problems For Decks And Balconies

Whether the deck or balcony is made of wood or not it can result in moisture problems. Excess moisture can threaten the stability of the structure and of the home or building it is attached to or abuts. This is particularly problematic when decks and balconies are attached to wood framed structures.【Get Price】

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Constructing a balcony-style deck is generally only feasible during the original construction of a home. The floor joists inside the home are extended outside beyond the walls of the house to support the deck floor.【Get Price】

Illustrated Guide - Building Safe and Durable Wood Decks and.

Building Safe and Durable Wood Decks and Balconies Overview While wood decks and balconies can be robust and long-lasting structures they can be challenging to design and construct primarily because of their exposure to the elements. This Guide provides an overview of commonly occurring durability issues and is intended to be used as a.【Get Price】

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