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Ball stop fencing or ball catch netting is designed to retain balls within a sports facility and is typically positioned behind goal areas and can be stand-alone or attached above a host fence. Our netting systems are specially designed for heights up to 12 metres. Net apertures range from 28 mm (golf) to 125 mm (football and rugby) depending upon the sport and application. Netting is.【Get Price】

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Outdoor specification steel coated mesh surround fencing for sports and basketball court areas. School and college sports areas and outdoor playground multi use game area MUGAs. 2mm thick PVC coated steel with a 50mm mesh. Robust for all weather exterior use. Up to 4m in height.【Get Price】

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The most popular and sturdy type of fencing that we offer is the super rebound fencing this is made from steel wires that create a metal mesh fence which is extremely tough and durable enough to absorb strong impact. 8mm double wires extend horizontally across and a 6mm wire goes up vertically this gives the maximum strength a fence can have ensuring the longevity of the pitch.【Get Price】

Outdoor Basketball Court Fencing why install a welded mesh fence

Whether as a modern boundary or for security purposes a fencing system around your outdoor basketball court is not only important but also trendy. Due to its impressive features such as versatility high tensile strength and corrosion resistant nature a welded mesh fence system is the best.【Get Price】

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To practice your basketball skills driveways are the best areas to place a portable hoop. If your driveways are from asphalt it will be the best material for a court. The asphalt surface is not as slippery as concrete court. For a driveway court the in-ground system is better than roof-mounted and portable hoop.【Get Price】

Custom Basketball Barrier and Backstop Nets

Gourock offers a number of different mesh sizes and twine thicknesses for Basketball Barrier Netting and Basketball Backstop Nets with mesh sizes ranging from 1-3/4” to 4”. Typical Basketball Backstop Nets range from 8' to 14’ high and the width of nets vary depending on need.【Get Price】

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In-Ground Adjustable Outdoor. Fixed-Height Roof -Mounted Portable. Glass Backboard Dunkable. 72" Regulation. 60" 54" Guide: Glass vs. Acrylic Backboards. Driveway Backyard Court Park Playground Parking Lot. 2017 New Improved 22% Thicker Steel Stronge.【Get Price】

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