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exterior walls – concrete masonry or in situ concrete walls; glazing. BRANZ research indicates that 830000 New Zealand houses do not have insulation that meets the standards required of new homes today. Almost half have less than 80 percent coverage of 120 mm insulation in the roof space. Almost one-fifth have less than 80 percent coverage.【Get Price】

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For over 30 years Resene Construction Systems has been designing innovative plaster cladding systems for New Zealand’s unique conditions. Driven to create surfaces that make a living environment feel good to live in we believe the tactile nature of plaster cladding is unrivaled.【Get Price】

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Walls built using only stones and skill (traditional method). Dry (without mortar) stone work in the hands of a skilled waller is an art form. An art form that will last multiple lifetimes and serves multiple functions. Using but one tool; the hammer and much patience and strength. Most modern wallers do not like to shape stones but instead prefer to locate the perfect nature shaped stone. As.【Get Price】

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News about Falling Walls Lab New Zealand. Create a News item. Have some news you want to share on our website? Use this form to send us the details that we can publish.【Get Price】

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retaining walls higher than 1.5 metres or retaining walls with a building or driveway near the top ; fences higher than 2.5 metres and any swimming pool fence; swimming pools; decks more than 1.5 metres from ground level. …then you need to understand s.【Get Price】


non-structural internal walls and partitions JULY 2018 The purpose of this Code of Practice is to assist the construction industry building consent authorities architects engineers builders installers and specifiers to comply with the New Zealand Building Code.【Get Price】


wall above foundation level. A detailed discussion of concepts relevant to the design of foundations for shear wall structures is provided in Reference 5. Also it will be assumed that: (i) Inertia forces at each floor can be introduced to the structural wall by adequate connections such as collector beams or diaphragms and from【Get Price】

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The foundation of the crib wall is tilted at an angle of 1V:4H and so it is convenient to resolve all forces acting on the wall to components acting either perpendicular to the back face of the wall or parallel to the wall instead of vertical and horizontal. The bearing capacity of the foundation must be calculated taking into account the effect of【Get Price】

ER53 Measuring the extent of thermal bridging in external.

The results show that the average percentage of timber framing compared to the area of the wall is above 34%. This is much higher than the 14-18% framing content generally assumed by both regulators and the industry. The results strongly indicate that the content of timber framing in external walls in residential new builds is at such high levels that the increased thermal bridging compromises.【Get Price】

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If you are a New Zealand Super Gold Card Holder (Australian Senior Cards do not qualify) we will give you a 75% discount of the fee for one of our set fee 1 hour initial consultations. We will also give you a 17.5% discount off the first matter we handle for you and then 12.5% off any subsequent matters for you. These discounts relate to your personal matters only (i.e. not business or.【Get Price】

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We take pride in our craft and our construction work meets the high standards set by both the New Zealand authority building codes our own professional standards and we use Hazardco Health and Safety policy and plans. We can construct both a block wall and also clad it in natural stone. This ensures that both the foundation construction and the cladding work meet our stringent standards. A.【Get Price】

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Steel reinforcing rods forming a forest of bars that protrude from within the polystyrene wall formwork for the concrete walls. Conduit to facilitate the required services is tied into the structure for its future casting into the poured concrete - which is expected to arrive later in the week. In the distance towards the center of the first picture can be seen a stacked pile of grey open.【Get Price】


Concrete and brick walls are a common feature in many homes schools and offices in New Zealand. Unfortunately one of the most common problems that people experience with their concrete or brick walls is dampness and moisture inside. That’s because your concrete or brick walls could be letting in excess moisture. In some cases the mortar in.【Get Price】

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Creative Surfaces specialise in creating high quality surfaces for floors walls and joinery. We offer a range of premium decorative wall and floor finishes overlay systems seamless surfaces concrete coatings and concrete resurfacing options. Exclusive New Zealand suppliers of X-Bond and Quartz Carpet systems.【Get Price】


fill that provides the mass to the wall. Both proprietary block and crib retaining walls must be built on an in situ concrete foundation or on a compacted base course. The walls are angled back towards the top: Proprietary block systems have each row of blocks stepped back from the previous row. Crib walls are laid with a 1:4 batter.【Get Price】

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