adding a railing post to an existing deck

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Place your first post at one corner of the deck. Use your deck screws and screw gun to temporarily fasten the post in position so that the bottom of the post is flush with the bottom of the deck rim. Use your post level to check that the post is perfectly straight and adjust as needed. Step 3【Get Price】

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To 36 we add 9 1/4 inches for the width of the 2x10 framing plus 1 inch for the thickness of the 5/4 decking and subtract 1 inch for the top cap - for a total railing post length of 45 1/4 inches. (Because the post cap and the decking are the same thickness the portion of the railing above the framing is an even 36 inches.)【Get Price】

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You’ll want one deck railing post in each corner if you’re attaching the posts to the inside of the frame or two on each corner if you’re installing them on the outside. The rest should be spaced as evenly as possible but don’t space them any further than 6 feet apart. This may cause the railing between the posts to sag.【Get Price】

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