how to layout a deck around an above ground pool

3 Tips for Building a Deck Around Your Above Ground Pool.

Now that you’ve found the perfect swimming pool for your backyard you may want to consider building a deck around your above ground pool for easier access and to complete your backyard resort. Whether you choose to build a deck all around your pool or just on one side you and your guests can enjoy sunbathing cookouts and hanging out at water level.【Get Price】

How to Build a Deck Next to an Above Ground Pool - INYOPools.

My parents have an above ground pool with a deck built over the rails. We replaced the liner three times no problem because it has a J hook liner. The J hook allows you to remove and install the liner without touching the caps. As far as the boards warping or looking uneven we solved that issue by adding an aluminum C shaped channel around the perimeter to keep the boards straight and provide.【Get Price】

Easy deck footings for above ground pool decks

Framing Technique Near Pool Edge Notice the technique used to frame the deck around the pool. This pool had a 24' diameter and so the deck had to follow it closely but still be about an inch away so that any movement of the deck over the course of the seasons would never cause damage to the pool.【Get Price】

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