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I have just built a DIY basketball court at my backyard. The size of the basketball court is 30 feet x 25 feet. The court itself is made off 4-inch thick con...【Get Price】

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The simple answer is an outdoor basketball court can cost you anywhere from $11000 to $76000 with the average cost being $35000. That comes out to be about $3.50 to $17 per square foot. A standard full-size basketball court runs 94 feet by 50 feet (4700 square feet).【Get Price】

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That’s quite clear because putting up a court with highschool dimensions will cost you $43000 for a full-court and $21000 for a half-court. A 3-on-3 basketball court costs about $9000. A junior high full-court will cost you $31000 and a half-court is $15500. Obviously the whole budget is not directed towards construction materials.【Get Price】

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There are cheap plastic attachment options for under $100 as well as professional smart device connected machines that can cost between $15000-$20000. Inspired to get your own backyard basketball court but would rather have professionals install it? MSF Sports is Australia's leading supplier of Basketball Court tiles to DIY installers.【Get Price】

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Here is a rough estimate of the cost of building basketball courts of different sizes. A standard NBA/NCAA full-size basketball court (97 x 50 feet) will cost you an average of $46000. For a high school full-size court (84 x 50 feet) expect around $41500. A junior high full-size basketball court (74 x 42 feet) will come to approximately $31000.【Get Price】

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To build the perfect basketball court you will require stencil tape for measurement concrete logs of wood hoops tamper and twine to mark your court. Make sure you have all these handy before you start. If you’re wondering how much does a backyard basketball court cost to build we created an entire post with the all of the pricing info.【Get Price】

Sport Court 18 x 27 Compact FIBA Half Court Basketball key.

The cheapest and most cost effective way to build your Game Court is doing a DIY concrete base installation or using local contractors. We can provide detailed specification drawings and guidance to get the best results for your court. Please see the required tolerances and specs. Contact us to request exact specifications. Alternativly we offer full turnkey packages for peace of mind please.【Get Price】

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