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Recycled Plastic Decking. Made from 100% recycled plastic there is a great range on these products but we normally advise customers to talk to us about this so that we can ensure we provide you with a profile that will suit your requirements.【Get Price】

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PVC decking is made from a synthetic resin called polyvinyl chloride. Composite decking is made from recycled plastic and wood fibers which is fused together using an adhesive. Due to the different properties of each of these products your options for disposal will be different based on the material.【Get Price】

Why Many Consider Composite Decking To Be Eco-Friendly.

Up to disposal composite decking offers greenness all around. You can recycle composite decking if you don’t want to go through other stressful disposal methods. A hauling company would do that for a fee and you’ll have your worn-out deck disposed of safely with no harm to the environment. Is Composite Decking Worth It?【Get Price】

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In order to facilitate reuse and recycling we mark all of our products with their resource content and we have pioneered a collection program for composite-decking job-site scraps. Wood composites especially those in the ultra-low maintenance category can compete against the best wood and plastic products in performance aesthetics and sustainability.【Get Price】

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A: Ah the devil is in the details. As a composite separating the plastic for reuse would be cost prohibitive. So the alternatives are “reuse” as a construction component or reuse for energy production either mass burn or RDF. As a last resort the disposal in a landfill will occupy space but create no hazard to the environment.【Get Price】

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Composite decking was first introduced in the 90s by who developed the initial idea of a composite made from 95% recycled sawdust waste and used plastic bottles (HDPE) where the wood fibers act as reinforcement for the recycled plastic. They initially offered a very basic product in a few colors that were easily achieved. Overtime composite wood has developed into a huge industry with a.【Get Price】

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