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Composite Decking is a blend of plastic film and wood fibres. The plastic film that goes into the board can include polypropylene or polyethylene. These plastics work well with wood fibres to create a strong resilient material that is more stable than 100% plastic decking .【Get Price】

Composite Decking Brands 2021: Guide and Comparisons

For composite decking you may need to use adhesives nails or screws depending on the type of composite you select. Hollow planks for example won’t hold nails or screws for very long. Vibrations and cold or heat expansion will make the screws and nails become loose and back out over time.【Get Price】

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Unlike traditional decking composite decking does not become slippery when wet. Composite decking absorbs significantly less water than traditional materials and also limits the growth of fungi and mould which can make the surface slippery. This gives you a safe and secure platform to walk on making it suitable for everybody including children and the elderly.【Get Price】

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