lay composite decking onthe ground

How Do You Prepare the Ground for Composite Decking? - CW

Elevated composite decking must be raised some few inches above the ground. To lift your composite decking you will need long posts. You must dig several holes around the area you will build your composite decking. After digging you will put the posts inside them and cover the holes with cement so that it will be strong.【Get Price】

How to lay decking on uneven ground – Acorn Landscape Gardening

If you want to lay decking at ground level or slightly above but have lumpy/uneven ground this is the best method we have found to do so. The decking is going in front of the french doors on our example but the ground is uneven. The first thing to do is to work out what height you want the decking to be at.【Get Price】

can composite decking be laid directly on the ground

building a ground level floating deck - Home Improvement - Similar to building a ground level floating deck - Home Improvement It will be or another brand of composite decking. and then lay 4x4s on the ground (as joists) and then put the decking directly over. [ Get Prices ]【Get Price】

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