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Point Load on Slab - ENERCALC

This module is designed to allow the user to create a table of loads applied to a particular concrete slab and supporting soil with one set of material properties. You can then use the [Add] [Edit] and [Delete] buttons to add a set of applied loads and base plate dimensions.【Get Price】

A Method for the Design of Ground Slabs Loaded by Point Loads.

A basic method for the design of ground-bearing warehouse slabs subjected to point loads is proposed based on the use of design charts. These charts have been drawn rom the computed results of a truly 3-dimensional analysis in which both the soil and the slab are treated as behaving elastically.【Get Price】

Point Load on Slabs - Structural engineering general.

Based on BS EN code you can take plant live load of 7.5 kN/m2 onto the slab and design it. Taking the steel area provided take machine point load from its leg that acting on the slab do a punching shear check.【Get Price】

Hollowcore Floors - British Precast

High Load Capacity Hollowcore floors can be designed to support the heavy loads required in most factories warehouses and storage buildings. Fire Resistance All slabs have 1 hour fire resistance. This can however be enhanced up to 2 hours. Holes for Services Holes to accommodate services can be pre-formed during manufacture dependent on size【Get Price】

Effect of point loads on reinforced concrete slabs without.

Effect of point loads on reinforced concrete slabs without transverse reinforcement R. Terras The study of shear transfer in reinforced concrete slabs without transverse reinforcement has begun since the development of this material. According to how the internal shear forces are distributed inside the slab this phenomenon is【Get Price】

Hollowcore Floors Concrete Products - Bison Precast Flooring

Hollowcore Floors Load/Span Table. Largely because of fast on-site construction Bison hollowcore floors are one of the most economic flooring solutions for the widest variety of situations including masonry steel and concrete structures for retail commercial and industrial buildings. The table is given as a guide only. When using maximum.【Get Price】

A Simplified Method for Designing RC Slabs under Concentrated.

A rectangular RC slab having dimensions of 8.5m × 5.5m for which only two adjacent edges are fixed supported is subjected to a concen trated load of 900kN at a point as shown in Fig. 3. In this example the weight of the slab is not accounted for. Reinforcements for positive and negative【Get Price】

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